How Does Transference Work?

Our process lessens the administative hardship

It has always been a challenge to take on all the administrative processes involved after the death of a loved one or a divorce. Transference can help relieve a newly appointed executor or recent divorcee of having to figure things out themselves. We simplify what can be considered the complex practice of re-registering the accounts of the deceased and/or former spouse.

Words from Our Clients

"For over 6 months in 2021 I was unable to resolve issues with my investment/retirement brokerage service. This account was over 20 years old with a major brokerage house. When I called I was constantly put on hold, once for over an hour, only to be transferred to 4 different departments and then was told they would get back to me which never happened.

It took Transference less than two weeks to make contact, fill out the appropriate paperwork for me and resolve my problem. Run don't walk to Transference with any questions or issues regarding your investment, requirement of brokerage accounts."

- Ellen Morrissey

Our Process

Step 1

1-On-1 Consultation

During your consultation we will discuss your new administrative responsibilities. We'll determine the number of accounts that need to be re-registered and also provide a plan.

Step 2

Statement & Information Gathering

Here is where the physical and/or electronic statements will be gathered. Transference will organize this information in a cohesive manner.

Step 3

Re-Registration Process

Transference helps take the stress out of re-registration by simplifying all the paperwork and forms involved.

Straightforward Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

We've worked hard to keep our prices simple. Our standard pricing model is based on the number of account statements presented/discovered during the Consultation appointment. No hidden fees!

*Any additional statements found additional costs will be negotiated.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Transfer the administrative burden to us - contact us at (203) 623-6083 or fill out our contact form to get started.